Winsted Pawn & Jewelry LLC

  424 Main St
Winsted CT

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10am-6pm
Wed & Sat 10am-4pm

CLOSED Sun/Mon and for bad weather and holidays


What is your experience/qualifications?
Greg has been a pawnbroker since 1999. He received extensive training, and specializes in gold, diamonds and guitars. He opened Winsted Pawn and Jewelry November of 2004.
Angie is Greg's wife and "right hand man". She has been at Winsted Pawn with Greg since 2005. She is happy to answer any questions you may have and treats every customer as a friend. Vanna the dog was a rescue from Arkansas and has been at Winsted Pawn since October of 2010. She enjoys sleeping and eating! You can see her every day at the shop

I have something I want to sell. How does it work?

When you bring an item to us you can either sell the item or pawn it. To sell it outright means you do not want to get the item back, you just want to sell it.  If you decide you want the item back but need money now, you can do a "pawn". This means you have the option within 30 days to buy the item back. We hold the item as collateral and you simply get it back within the 30 day period. If you decide after 30 days to not come back for the item we sell it.

What do I need to sell you something?
You need a valid non expired photo ID. This includes a driver's license, State ID, Passport, or Military ID. All electronics need the proper cables/wires, and chargers (if applicable). All items must come in working condition. They will be tested

Aren't the items sold in pawnshops stolen?
This couldn't be further from the truth. The media has portrayed pawnshops as seedy "wrong side of the tracks" types of places to shop. Less than 1/2 of 1% of all items sold in pawnshops are reported stolen. Our shop ID's every single customer every single time they sell us something. We work closely with local and state law enforcement. We ensure the items we sell are legitimate. We are in regular contact with the authorities, and they receive a copy of EVERY single item we buy.

Is there anything you don't buy?
Yes there are certain items we do not buy. Here is a list of some things we don't purchase
-Sports cards
-Glassware including plates
-Vehicles or titles
-Tube TVS
-VCR tapes
-Anything that doesn't work

How do you determine how much to offer me for my item?
We use a variety of methods. When it comes to things like jewelry we do not go by what an item costs at a jewelry store. This is because when we sell jewelry we price it up to 90% off what the jewelry store charges. When it comes to items like electronics and tools we generally pay 1/3 of what the item goes for new. This is because we need to be able to resell the item to our customers at a deeply discounted price. We base our price on what WE can get for the item in our store. We try not to give customers prices over the phone because we want to evaluate the condition, wear etc. of an item in person to better give you a fair offer

Do you pay fair prices for my gold?
Everyone advertises that they pay the "highest prices" for gold. Our reputation is known for being fair to our customers. We always tell people to shop around with their jewelry. This is because we want you to get the most for your item. 95% of all our gold buying business is repeat and referrals. Chances are you know someone who has sold us gold before. If you own a piece of jewelry and are not sure if it's real or what it's worth we can give you a free evaluation. We pay high prices and can test any piece of jewelry you own. We will even clean your jewelry for free!

What is the weirdest item you have gotten in the shop?
That's a hard one. Probably two of the most unique things we have gotten are a full sized suit of armor and a real slot machine!

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